Your Guide to Moving House and Removals Portsmouth

Moving to or from the Portsmouth area? Make your house move as stress free as possible with our guide to removals Portsmouth.

Be organised – forward planning and list making are the keys to keeping everything under control.    We’ve put together a quick time planner for you so you can prioritise exactly what you need to do when, when you need to get your removals Portsmouth company sorted out, who you need to tell etc.

Your Removals Portsmouth Time Planner

4 to 6 week before move day

  • Confirm moving date with estate agents or landlords.
  • If you haven’t done it already, book your removal company.  Get written quotes from at least 3 removal firms.  See our removals Portsmouth listing below.
  • Get references, check their insurance. Ask if the company offers a discount on a weekday.
  • Change of address.  Notify utility companies, telephones, banks, DVLA etc.  See our notification checklist below.
  • Book storage if you need it.
  • Have a good sort out of all your possessions.  Declutter:- charity shops, ebay, car boot or freecycle – just don’t take it all with you!
  • Order your new furniture, carpets, soft furnishing etc if you are having them.
  • Book hotel or arrange overnight stay with friends if you aren’t moving in on same day.

2 weeks before move day

  • Start packing!  Pack everything non essential as early as possible.  Don’t leave it all until the last minute.  Get boxes well in advance from supermarkets or local shops and save newspapers for wrapping breakables.
  • Arrange post forwarding at your local post office.
  • Deregister from Doctors, Dentist etc if you are moving out of area.
  • Arrange for the kids and pets to be looked after on the day.
  • Send out change of address cards
  • Finalise your arrangements with your chosen removals Portsmouth company. Give them directions to your new address!

The move week

  • Pack a bag for the moving day.  Include essentials like toilet rolls, matches, light bulbs, basic tools, essential phone numbers.
  • Keys – sort out transfer of your old and new keys with the estate agent / landlord.
  • Parking – If you live in a restricted parking area, make sure the removals Portsmouth van can park outside your house.
  • Dismantle furniture, disconnect washing machines, defrost fridge freezer, take down curtains, poles, pictures etc.  It may be that you’ve paid your removals company to do this – but be clear who is responsible for what -don’t assume.
  • Clean the house.
  • Leave the kettle out until last – moving is thirsty work!

Getting the best out of your removals Portsmouth company

There are plenty of different companies offering removals in the Portsmouth area.  Do your homework and choose the right one.  See our list below.
Let the removals company know the following things to make moving day go as smoothly as possible:

  • How much furniture you’re moving, so it can choose the correct sized truck and plan the number of journeys needed between your old and new home
  • A rough guess of the amount of boxes the company needs to pack,
  • The time you want the removals team to arrive
  • Clear instructions and directions to your new property
  • Make sure there is a parking space for the removal van
  • If there are items of furniture which won’t go through the door always tell the removal firm well in advance
  • Give them a plan of where the furniture should go in your new home
  • Make a list of your possessions so you can check if you’ve left anything behind

Notification checklist for Removals Portsmouth

Services and utilities

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Post office
  • Cable/satellite and internet service providers
  • TV/video rental companies
  • TV licensing


  • Banks
  • Building societies
  • Credit card companies
  • Council tax department
  • National savings and premium bonds
  • Your employer
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension companies
  • Inland revenue
  • Social security
  • Solicitor


  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Optician


  • DVLA
  • Breakdown recovery company
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Others

  • Friends and relatives
  • Subscriptions
  • Milk delivery
  • Newsagent
  • Sports club
  • Library
  • Schools/colleges

Removals Portsmouth Companies

Dave Moore Removals & Storage
023 9275 6541

1st Class Removals Portsmouth
023 9242 6511

Agincourt Removals
07720 839 494?

Budget Removals & Storage of Portsmouth
0800 135 7009

Londons Classic Removals
07786 151162

Man & Van Removals Portsmouth
023 9235 5375

M J H Removals
023 9269 6579

Heirs Of Portsmouth
023 9237 2285

Curtiss & Sons Ltd
023 9265 0576

Good luck with your moving day and don’t forget to use our removals Portsmouth checklist!